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Delivering a unique experience to each utility

Powerley Energy Bridge

The most advanced connected-home gateway available, the Powerley Energy Bridge is the hub of the home energy management platform. This custom hardware along with Powerley's Auto Bind technology enables the connection between the consumer app and the AMI Meter through ZigBee Smart Energy Protocol to facilitate real-time energy consumption information.

In addition to energy usage data, the bridge serves as the connected hub for the smart home, and offers the flexibility to connect to any device with ZigBee, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Thread.

Powerley Thermostat

Residential energy usage is driven by the home's heating and cooling system, and Powerley provides the connectivity to understand usage of the home's HVAC and control remotely or automatically with the Powerley Thermostat. The Powerley Thermostat uses the Z-Wave protocol and can be seamlessly integrated into the connected home via the Powerley Energy Bridge to facilitate communication and control between the devices. The thermostat provides the user with the ability to remotely control home temperature and also allows Powerley to optimize the HVAC system's use balancing energy usage and comfort. The device also provides for the ability to facilitate Demand Response events, including allowing the consumer to choose whether or not to participate in the event via push notifications.

iOS & Android

A smartphone app designed with the user experience in mind serves as the focal point and most frequent touchpoint with the Powerley Platform. See energy usage in real-time, receive notifications and alerts, remotely control connected devices, and receive tips on how to optimize your energy usage - all these complex features are brought to the end user via the elegantly-designed mobile app. The experience, which can be uniquely branded for each utility, also gives the utility a primary point of contact with customers through their smartphones. The app is simple to install and available for iOS and Android in the App Store or Google Play.

Ready to Power Up True Home Energy Management?