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Delivering a unique experience to each utility

Utility Branded

Utilities can bring marketing behind the meter with a custom branded solution for complete home energy management.

Brand Engagement

The platform provides daily brand exposure through positive customer interactions. The DTE Insight platform showed significant user involvement, with well over 120,000 downloads and over 65% user retention.

Lead the Way Behind the Meter

Deliver a utility-led home automation solution to increase customer engagement and satisfaction while capturing new revenue streams from behind the meter services.

Custom Designed App

The platform delivers an experience unique to each utility, relying on the brand's look and feel, including proper use of logos and proper color scheme to match the brand's guidelines.

Branded Hardware & Packaging

Branding of the Powerley Energy Bridge hardware and packaging is included with adoption of the program, ensuring the in-home experience feels like a complete utility-led solution.

Consistent Brand Voice

Provide the right message to the right user based on their market with a content management system that delivers communications to the end users in a voice consistent with its brand messaging.

Ready to Power Up True Home Energy Management?