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Installation & Setup Guide


Thank you for participating in the next phase of the My Co-op Power Home Energy Management Pilot Program. You should have received two packages that contain the hardware needed to visualize your energy usage in real time from your electricity meter and manage smart devices all directly through the My Co-op Power app.

EKPC Pilot

What's included

The Home Energy Management kit you received in the mail contains two packages with devices you will need to set up individually to complete the pilot:

EKPC Whats Included

Package 1: Energy Bridge Hub

Once paired to the My Co-op Power app, the device will allow you to add, manage, and control approved smart home devices such as smart plugs, light bulbs & switches, and thermostats via the app.

Package 2: Meter Sensor and CloudConnector

Once installed, these devices will work together to allow your electric meter to communicate with the My Co-op Power app and give you the ability to see your energy usage in real-time.

Quick Start Steps


Step 1: Make sure you have the My Co-op Power app

Make sure you have the My Co-op Power app installed and are able to log in using your My Co-op Power credentials. If you have trouble logging in or need other assistance, let us know at

Step 2: Set up your Energy Bridge hub

Once your Energy Bridge has power and the front LED is green, tap the My Devices (EKPC Icon) tab in the app and set up your Energy Bridge.

Step 3: Install the Meter Sensor and Cloud Connector

We know installing hardware is not for everyone, so once you've set up your Energy Bridge hub, launch the Installation Wizard to walk you through the installation step-by-step.
If you'd prefer, we have a team of expert installation consultants standing by that can walk you through your setup. Call us during business hours or email to set an appointment to chat.

Mon–Fri: 8AM EST– 8PM EST
Saturday: 9AM – 6PM EST

Or send an email to schedule a time that works best, and we’ll call you.