Powerley Smart Light Bulb

Take control of your lighting

Before you get started

Please be sure to download the app provided to you by your utility and that your Energy Bridge hub is online.

Getted Started

The Powerley Smart Light Bulb allows you to take control of your lighting and save more energy. When paired with the Energy Bridge and app, you'll know if you left a light on and can turn it off with the top of the app. And, you can schedule your lights to come on automatically right when you need them. Plus, you can see how much energy your lights are adding to your electric bill every month - giving you greater control over energy costs.

Powerley Smart Light Bulb

Set Up

  1. With power turned off at the light switch, insert light bulb into a standard light socket and turn clockwise until “finger tight”
  2. Turn power on
  3. Launch the app provided to you by your utility and go to the My Devices page (My Devices icon).
  4. Tap 'Add Device'.
  5. Follow the in-app instructions to complete device set up.
  6. The light bulb with flash once if it has been successfully paired into the app.

Factory Reset

Physically switch the bulb on and off six (6) times for intervals of 0.5-2seconds. After the 6th time, the bulb will flash twice indicating that it is successfully reset.


  1. On/Off: Turn the Light Bulb on and off using the wall switch, the app or with voice commands via Amazon Alexa.
  2. Dimming: Dimming controls are available through the app only
  3. Scheduling: Create schedules for your light bulb and other connected devices through the app

Need help? Please contact in-app Customer Support