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About Powerley

The Power to Create a Clean Energy Future

Empowering everyone with the opportunity and energy management tools to contribute and collectively facilitate the transition to a cleaner planet.

What Makes Us Unique

A Catalyst for Clean Energy


While the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy is happening over the next decade, what can we do now to help the environment? Energy management programs save 211 terawatt-hours (TWh) of electricity annually, enough to power 26 million U.S. homes for one year and avoid the generation of 149 million metric tons of carbon dioxide.

In partnership with utilities, we have created a connection to the home that nobody else has. Powerley provides a real-time window into energy usage and insights – for your home and for every connected appliance within it.
Through our utility partnerships, Powerley is the most widely deployed home energy management solution in the world today.
Powerley is empowering households with the tools and insights to proactively control their energy and carbon footprint – educating and enabling contributions towards a cleaner planet while eliminating energy waste. By engaging customers with energy management tools, we are enabling utilities to optimize existing infrastructure towards a cleaner planet – driving residential load shaping and shifting; managing the transition to renewables; and aggressively pursuing the path to electrification
Powerley users engage over 300 minutes annually on average - over 30 times more than with their utility today.

Empowered with Energy Insights


Tapping the Potential of Energy Data


Our solution was built hand-in-hand with energy utilities, the industry that powers our daily lives – stretching from energy plants to the light bulbs in your home. Through the utilities, your home is already connected to the energy grid, 80% of homes have smart meters. The Powerley platform unlocks the ability to tap into real-time energy data from the smart meter in the home and provide tools for everyone to facilitate the change towards a cleaner planet.

At 99.8% accuracy, Powerley has the most precise device disaggregation in the industry.

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