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Automated Energy Savings

Through Powerley's Smart Actions, your customers can sync their home to their schedules.

Your Brand. Your Data.

Our platform was engineered to provide utility-grade reliability while enabling our customers to innovate and scale rapidly. Fully brandable, the experience drives deeper brand engagement while offering insights that are unavailable to utilities today.

Fully Brandable

Name you app. Apply your color palette. Integrate your logo. The whole experience, from the hardware to the packaging to the app, becomes an extension of your brand.

Easy to Integrate

Powerley’s architecture was designed to make integration easy for each utility. Integration can be complete in as little as two weeks through a proven process that accommodates nearly every IT infrastructure and security policies within each organization.

Turnkey Support

Powerley provides a complete customer support solution – with a dedicated team to help your customers get set-up and start engaging in energy management. With call center, email, in-home and in-app chat support, customers can connect via their preferred communication channel.

Own the Relationship

Powerley ensures you as the utility keep your customer relationship. Users don’t create Powerley accounts, they log in via the same credentials they use for your website. With this SSO approach, the customer experience stays seamless across all of your engagement channels.

Retain the Data

Powerley understands the value of the data generated by customer engagement platforms like ours. This is why all the data and insights within our platform are available to your team via the Powerley Portal, or FTP, or…you name it. It’s your data.

Powerley Lite

Start the energy journey with Powerley LITE. Through one app, engage your customers in energy management. Help them stop bill surprises and reduce waste with personalized energy advice.

Powerley Lite
Energy Visualizations
Budget Management
Personalized Coaching
Disaggregated Breakdowns
Bill Pay & Outage Maps
Advanced Rate Management
DER Management
DR Management
Smart Home Control & Automation
Voice Control

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