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Bridging the Smart Grid to the Smart Home

Together with the world’s leading utilities, Powerley offers the first and only smart home solution with true energy management.

Every home needs energy. Every smart home needs energy management. Fusing home energy management with home automation, Powerley has created a smarter home.

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Drive Energy Efficiency

Save energy and money via real-time energy insights and coaching

Advance Demand Response

Go beyond HVAC and engage consumers in peak load management

Elevate Customer Satisfaction

Engage customers in a new relationship energy and their home

Create Connected Revenues

Build new revenue streams via connected "behind the meter" services and solutions

A Connection Like No Other

Powerley offers a new type of Home Energy Management (HEM) experience, enabling instantaneous energy visualization, real-time disaggregation, appliance health monitoring, and smart device management.

Energy Management

Built for Utilities, by Utilities

Strengthen customer relationships and gain rich business intelligence. Our utility partners have instant and secure access to analyze behavioral data, manage demand response programs, capture energy usage insights, and much more – all through the Powerley Portal.

Utility Implementation

The Energy-Driven Smart Home

We’re building an entirely new smart home experience. Manage your home and your energy. Now, all of your smart devices can create a personalized experience enriched with energy insight.

Home Automation & Control

Key Platform Features

Key Platform Features

Real-Time Energy Visualization

Real-time information is more impactful when provided with context. Powerley's 24-hour Energy Clock combines real-time energy usage with historical information and appliance-level disaggregation to provide users greater insight over traditional energy efficiency programs.

Engagement Engine

Most home energy management solutions struggle to retain users due to delayed feedback and communication. Powerley’s engagement engine is based on industry-best psychological research and delivers high retention rates through timely rewards and gamification features.

Powerley Advisor

Current solutions do not provide a consistently effective way to deliver energy savings in the home. Powerley Advisor synthesizes behavior patterns, historical data, weather forecasts and more to provide personalized and actionable energy-saving insights to homeowners.

Home Control & Automation

The smart home experience today can be a confusing one for the consumer – with separate apps for each smart bulb, switch, sensor and appliance in the home. Now, with Powerley, you can manage your energy and every single smart device in your home through one user-friendly mobile app, or with simple voice commands via Amazon Alexa.

Advanced Demand Response

Reimagine demand response as a streamlined and collaborative system. Powerley's Platform enables event participation through simple opt-in features and customizable preferences for automatic and intelligent peak load shed of connected appliances.

"We’ve translated technology into an experience that is driving excitement and efficiency for our customers and for DTE Energy"

Steven Ambrose

CIO, DTE Energy

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