The Advanced
Rate Advantage

Better Informed. More Empowered.

Powerley is making the management of advanced rates easier - helping utility customers make informed decisions at the moment it matters. Pairing rate intelligence with real-time usage, we're providing personalized guidance that helps homeowners use energy at the right time.

Advanced rates
On-Peak pricing starts at 3pm, avoid running large appliances!

Stay on top of the full spectrum of rates, from simple Flat/Fixed, Seasonal, and Tiered/Step Pricing to advanced rates like

  • Time of Use
  • Demand Pricing
  • Real Time Pricing
  • Critical Peak Pricing

No matter what rate type your utility offers, Powerley can help your customers take control and keep informed.

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Off Peak Time of Use
Off Peak Demand Charge
Off Peak Critical Peak

Advanced Rate Awareness

Make advanced rates easy to understand with interactive tools that keep customers informed. Provide customers with personalized insights and advice so they can save more.

  • Historical Rate Visualizations

    See energy usage within the context of the applicable rate at the moment it was used, with interactive breakdowns by hour, day, week, or month.

  • Budget Management

    Manage an energy budget based on actual rate schedules and get alerts when usage is trending too high.

  • Usage Breakdown

    See exactly where energy costs are going - before a high bill arrives - by attributing costs to specific rate periods.

  • Personalized Rate Coaching

    Get personalized advice - based on usage and rate schedules - to lower costs by shifting or curtailing usage.

  • Rate Notifications

    Stay informed of upcoming rate changes with push notifications and in-app notations.

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Real-Time Rate Optimization

With greater insight and control, customers can make the right decisions at the right moment using real-time rate information.
And, with advance notice, make adjustments before their bill arrives.

Real-Time Rate Information

See the current rate at any time throughout the day. Finally get the answer to "should I do this now or later?"

On-Peak Pricing

See usage relative to the daily rate schedule and know when rates are rising.

Just-in-Time Advice

Get real-time advice based on current rates to help push usage Off-Peak.

Load-Shift Coaching

Compare actual usage with an ideal usage pattern to fine-tune behaviors and drive down energy costs.

Intelligent Rate Management

Adapting to advanced rates is easy when the home does the job for you. With intelligent rate management, utility customers can create a smarter home that is aware of energy rates and can adjust automatically - maximizing savings without sacrificing comfort and lifestyle.

Automated Anti-Stacking

Seeing an opportunity to flatten the load curve, the home waits to run the dishwasher until the A/C turns off.

Rate-Aware EV Charging

Sync EV charging with the rate schedule. Automatically charge your electric vehicle when rates are lowest.

Off-Peak Pre-Cool

To keep costs in-check, the home automatically turns up the A/C before rates rise.

Unoccupied Energy Savings

Sensing it is unoccupied when rates peak, the home goes into "dormancy mode" - shutting down all but the essentials.

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