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The Advanced
Rate Advantage

Better Informed. More Empowered.

Powerley is making the management of advanced rates easier - helping utility customers make informed decisions at the moment it matters. Pairing rate intelligence with real-time usage, we're providing personalized guidance that helps homeowners use energy at the right time.


On-Peak pricing starts at 3pm, avoid running large appliances!

Stay on top of the full spectrum of rates, from simple Flat/Fixed, Seasonal, and Tiered/Step Pricing to advanced rates like
No matter what rate type your utility offers, Powerley can help your customers take control and keep informed.

Advanced Rate Awareness

Make advanced rates easy to understand with interactive tools that keep customers informed. Provide customers with personalized insights and advice so they can save more.

See energy usage within the context of the applicable rate at the moment it was used, with interactive breakdowns by hour, day, week, or month.

Right Data, Right Moment

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