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Introducing Powerley 2.0

February 9, 2023

The New Year brings a new outlook on our business and the goals we set forth. Powerley is moving forward into the next era of energy management. Technology, in general, is changing the way that customers interact with their utility companies. Powerley specifically, is guiding the way through tools that offer a transparent view of what’s going on in customers’ homes and how their usage is reflected on their energy bills.
As an industry leader in this sector, we’ve been offering these tools and solutions for several years. We felt that it was time to take a step back and do a dive deep into understanding our learnings and really ask, “What’s the best way for us to position ourselves for the future?”

That led us to three key questions…

  1. Do our current products and solutions expand our customer reach beyond the single-family home to all utility customers?
  2. Do we fully understand our competition and our place in the market?
  3. Do we have the resources to execute our grand vision?
As a result, we held a Team Summit where we flew in employees from all over the country to discuss the entire business from end-to-end. We invited influential guest speakers, like Trevor Lauer, president and chief operating officer for DTE Electric, to explain how much change is happening in the electricity business. After two full days of workshopping, planning, and team building, we’re proud to announce Powerley 2.0.
Powerley Energy Experience

Our Vision

Accelerate the transition to a clean energy future with sensible and economical use of energy.

Our Mission

Empower everyone with the opportunity and tools to control their energy use.
(Rahul Prakash, CEO of Powerley, opening the team summit at the Detroit Yacht Club)
Rahul Prakash, chief executive officer for Powerley, kicked off the summit with four guiding principles:
  1. Focusmeet customer needs.
  2. Clear offering – standardized and repeatable solution with a positive and measurable ROI.
  3. Internal strength – leverage Powerley’s technology DNA and knowledge to be best-in-class.
  4. Accelerate sales – quick and easy implementation.

Rahul stated, “Powerley technology will serve our end-customers’ every need; from understanding their energy bill, to comparing different rate plans, predicting their future bills, and more. Providing customers with the ability to see a detailed breakdown of their usage and knowing the factors that caused a spike on their bill is the behavior change engine that promotes proactive energy savings.”

During the team summit, much of the discussion was focused on making sure utility residential customers are:
  • Getting value from their electric company.
  • Understanding what makes up their bill.
  • Obtaining transparency to different rate plans, usage factors, and personalized data.

We feel strongly that every aspect of energy usage and spend should be covered within the Powerley ecosystem. We’ve already made changes that will ensure our success as we continue to grow as business, as a team, and as a reliable partner.

Impactful changes that have already taken place:

  • Reorganized the company and added new leadership.
  • Affirmed a culture based on processes and protocols to ensure timely delivery.
  • Refreshed the Powerley brand with a new logo and website that matches our vision.
  • Reallocated and added resources appropriately based on top priorities.
  • Expanding portfolio of solutions including web-based applications.

There will be more improvements and changes to come. Moving forward, we have a single-minded focus on all things related to energy costs and how to best communicate savings opportunities to utilities and their end-customers. Powerley will continue to be passionate and tenacious about solving issues for utilities with innovative solutions. Strategically, we are positioning ourselves as thought leaders and thought partners to support the ongoing communication that is needed between utility companies and their residential customers.

Team Summit Pics

Newly branded merch!
Sunset during dinner at The Highlands atop Detroit’s iconic GM Ren Cen building
Powerley team members
Getting to know our Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Chris Weiss, during a Team Summit session at the Detroit Yacht Club.
Getting to know our Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Chris Weiss, during a Team Summit session at the Detroit Yacht Club.
CTO, Chris Weiss, and Chief Product and Customer Officer (CPCO), Paul Wezner, providing an outlook on Powerley’s product roadmap.
CTO, Chris Weiss, and Chief Product and Customer Officer (CPCO), Paul Wezner, providing an outlook on Powerley’s product roadmap.
CPCO, Paul Wezner, having a breakout session with his team to address specific questions and next steps.

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