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Powerley Turns 100 Million Customer Interactions into Utility Impacts

February 4, 2021

Powerley, the global leader in smart home energy management, continues to set new industry benchmarks in demand and user engagement propelled by new utility partnerships and continued product innovation.

Making a Difference with Trillions of Datapoints

Since its inception, Powerley has captured more than 1.6 trillion real-time energy usage reads from smart meters and smart home devices. Now, within a single day Powerley captures more energy usage datapoints than all utilities across the globe, in-aggregate, annually. More importantly, Powerley has transformed energy data into an impact for utilities and their customers – driving energy efficiency and carbon reduction targets higher. Since the company’s inception, Powerley has delivered:

  • Energy savings: Over 600 megawatts of energy savings – enough energy to power 480,000 homes for a year.
  • Carbon reduction: Over 400 metric tons of C02 – the equivalent of the carbon sequestered by 521 acres of U.S. forests in one year.
  • Bill savings: Delivering an estimated $15 million for end-customers driven by behavioral changes coaching
  • Customer engagement: Achieving an average of 25 minutes per month per user – more than 30 times than utilities average today.

Expanding & Deepening Utility Partnerships

In the past twelve months, Powerley’s user base has grown by 50%. In addition, the company has reached a key milestone in customer engagement – totaling 100 million interactions. The growth of Powerley’s user base has been fueled by new utility partnerships. In 2021, Powerley was selected by Duke Energy, Arizona Public Service, East Kentucky Power Cooperative, and LG&E and KU to launch their utility home energy management solutions. In addition, Powerley has continued to expand its offering across existing utility partners – applying home energy management to help DTE Energy drive adoption of renewable energy, time-of-use rates and energy budget management. And, for BC Hydro, Powerley is gathering additional intelligence on EVs in the field to help with peak load shifting.

Connecting the Smart Grid to the Smart Home

Helping to drive savings and sustainability to these new heights, a record number of smart devices were connected to the Powerley platform over the past twelve months. As households sought to take more control of their energy consumption, Powerley saw a 51% increase in the number of smart devices – thermostats, plugs and light bulbs and more – connected to the energy management platform. In addition, Powerley is driving daily engagement from users with connected energy devices – averaging 7 sessions per week.

Launching Industry-First Energy Innovations

Powerley has continued to invest to innovate its core smart home energy management platform, adding more features and intelligence to unlock benefits for new areas of the utility. In 2021 alone, Powerley has launched a series of industry-firsts, including:

  • Engagement in carbon reduction: The first company to launch a comprehensive mobile carbon footprint reduction and engagement solution for utility-sponsored renewables programs.
  • Energy management at every touchpoint: The first company to bring real-time smart home energy management to the web and across the utility customer journey – mobile, email and call center.
  • The energy-aware intelligent home: The first company to develop a software-based energy disaggregation intelligence engine that can deliver near perfect (99.8%) appliance-level energy usage accuracy without the need for any hardware.
  • Smart home advanced rate solution: The first company to provide real-time advanced rate coaching and smart home rate optimization to give customers more choice and control over time-variant rates.
  • Smart home energy management devices: The first company to develop line of devices – smart plugs, light bulbs, and thermostats – to use specifically with utility smart home energy management platforms.

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