Powerley Smart Plug

Plug into home automation

Before You Get Started

Please be sure to download the app provided to you by your utility and that your Energy Bridge hub is online.

Getting Started

The Powerley Smart Plug can turn lights, electronics, and appliances into smart devices that you can monitor and control from your phone.

Smart Plug
  1. Socket: Converts your traditional outlet and enables your plugged-in appliance to become Smart and controllable with the App
  2. Button: Press once to switch on or off; press and hold to reset
  3. Indicator Light: When the plug is operating, the light is green; when the device is turned off, the light changes to off

Set Up

  1. Launch the app provided to you by your utility and go to the My Devices page (My Devices icon).
  2. Tap 'Add Device'.
  3. Follow the in-app instructions to complete device set up.
  4. The green indicator light on the Powerley Smart Plug will start to slowly blink. (If the green indicator light is not blinking, then you will need to follow the Factory Reset instructions below.)
  5. Once the Powerley Smart Plug is paired with the Energy Bridge hub the green indicator light will stop blinking, turn solid green, and then turn off.
  6. You'll know if you’ve successfully paired by checking the My Devices page where the plug will now show up!

Factory Reset

  1. With the plug installed in an outlet, press and hold the button on the left-hand side for five seconds.
  2. Once the indicator light begins blinking red, release the button.
  3. The plug will disconnect from the Energy Bridge and automatically start the pairing mode with a blinking green to red indicator light.


  1. The QR code scan has a very short timeout. Please be sure you have the QR code available when starting the inclusion process.
  2. The button on the left-hand side provides manual on/off power control.
  3. This smart plug is not compatible with dimmable light bulbs.

Need help? Please contact in-app Customer Support