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Empowering Personal Connection with Energy: Powerley’s Innovative Solutions

March 16, 2023

Recently, during one of our board meetings, a Board Member raised an interesting and thought-provoking question about how Powerley perceives the relationship between people and energy. He used the analogy of food and health, which triggered a deeper contemplation. Although both energy and food are equally essential for human existence, the relationship with food is personal and intimate, while with energy, it’s mostly impersonal.

DTE Insight App and Energy Bridge Hub

Like food, humans in the modern world cannot survive without energy, and the kind and amount of energy we consume impacts our well-being, the planet’s future, and our survival as a race. However, historically, people have had a distant and impersonal relationship with energy because of a lack of information and the perceived inability to impact change. While we can control our portion size and know the nutritional value of the food we consume, we mostly don’t know how much energy we consume, the source, and how clean it is.

Fortunately, utility companies are now giving consumers more information on energy sources, smart meters to track consumption, different rate options to minimize emissions, and incentives for electric vehicles. However, the change is slow, and we need a catalyst to foster that connection currently lacking between people and their energy consumption.

Powerley’s mission is to be that catalyst by fostering a personal connection between people and their energy consumption. We achieve this by offering real-time and bill management solutions that provide the following benefits:

  1. Keeps people informed about how much energy they consume at any given time,
  2. Recommends optimal and efficient energy use that leads to better economic and environmental outcomes,
  3. Provides a conduit for communication between the utility and the user that allows for a more personal relationship,
  4. Acts on the customer’s behalf to achieve consumption and other goals,
  5. Calibrates based on relevant population.

Our home energy management solution is the only solution that offers a DIY tool that connects to a smart meter and shows real-time data of your household energy consumption. This tool empowers consumers to monitor their energy usage and make informed decisions that can lead to better economic and environmental outcomes.

In conclusion, Powerley’s aim is to empower consumers to establish a personal and intimate relationship with their energy consumption. With our innovative solutions, we strive to change the narrative around energy consumption and make it more personal and meaningful for everyone.






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