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The Prosumer Disruption

So, what exactly is a prosumer?   The word “prosumer” is the blending of “producer” and “consumer” into one word. It refers to an individual or entity that not only consumes goods
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Maximizing Your Savings: How to Claim Up to $3,200 in Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency

With heating season here and the close of another year, it’s a crucial time to make decisions about home improvements that can also qualify for 2023 tax credits and rebates.
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Powerley and NET2GRID Forge Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Customer Engagement in the Utility Industry

Powerley and NET2GRID are joining forces to provide the best experience in the customer engagement market for utility bill management, real-time energy control, and appliance disaggregation.
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Transforming Energy Management: The Rise of Virtual Power Plants

What is a Virtual Power Plant? A Virtual Power Plant (VPP) combines a multitude of small-scale energy resources into a larger, coordinated entity. This aggregation allows for efficient management and control of
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Powerley Announces Groundbreaking 5-Year Agreement with BC Hydro

Powerley is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking 5-year agreement with BC Hydro, one of Canada’s largest electric utilities.
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Maximizing Solar Energy Generation: Harnessing the Power of Summer

Simply put, more sunlight means more power. During the summer, the days are longer, and the sun is higher in the sky, resulting in more direct and intense sunlight. This higher sunlight
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Understanding the Summer Surge: Why Energy Rates Increase When the Temperature Rises

As the mercury climbs and the sun beats down during the summer months, you may notice a slight spike in your energy bills due to increasing rates and AC use. Have you
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Powerley’s Rate Simulator: Simplify Rate Selection and Empower Consumers

Are Time of Use (TOU) Rates really that hard to understand? For most consumers, the answer is yes. With utility companies introducing new rate types, selecting the best rate based on when
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Empowering Personal Connection with Energy: Powerley’s Innovative Solutions

Recently, during one of our board meetings, a Board Member raised an interesting and thought-provoking question about how Powerley perceives the relationship between people and energy. He used the analogy of food
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Why are Electric Utility Companies Switching to Time-based Pricing?

What is Time-of-Use (TOU) Pricing? Across the globe, electric utilities are introducing new billing structures called, Time-of-Use (TOU) or Time-of-Day (TOD) rates. As the name suggests, the rates vary based on the
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