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Powerley Introduces Powerlync™ – Making Home Energy Management Mainstream

June 24, 2021

New low-cost plug-and-play energy management device empowers every household with proactive control of their carbon footprint and energy costs

Powerley has launched Powerlync, a breakthrough in energy management, packaged in a low-cost smart plug. Designed for mass appeal and ease of installation, Powerlync looks and functions just like a smart plug while also connecting to:  

  • The home’s electric meter – enabling real-time energy management for the whole house and major appliances without any additional hardware.
  • The smart home ecosystem, including Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa – enabling scenes and routines that deliver greater efficiency and control via mobile and voice.
  • Smart home devices, such as thermostats, lights, plugs, and more – empowering users with the energy insights they need to make the right energy decisions.

“With over 300,000 households using Powerley’s solutions today, Powerlync will accelerate the adoption of energy management,” said Manoj Kumar, CEO of Powerley, “We are building on the company’s five-year legacy of empowering households with insights to proactively control their energy and carbon footprints.”


Developed in partnership with leading electric utilities, Powerlync was designed from the ground-up to take energy management mainstream. Powerlync solves the key challenges that have hindered the adoption of energy management for the last decade, driving more value for utilities and their customers.

  • A trifecta to drive mass adoption. Powerlync removes the roadblocks to wider energy management adoption – cumbersome installations, high hardware costs and limited usability. Frictionless, intuitive, and affordable, Powerlync delivers energy insights instantly to your phone, the web or your voice assistant, at half the cost of a typical smart plug.  
  • The potential of smart meters finally unlocked. Electric utilities have invested billions building a network of over 100 million smart meters across the U.S. today. Powerlync taps into the energy signals that already exist in the home, transforming them new insights, services and tools for utility customers. 
  • Energy interactions vs. transactions. Powerlync enables a digital energy experience for utilities that consumers expect today. Rather than rely on dated monthly energy bill data, Powerlync provides instantaneous and personalized energy advice at the moment it matters – driving customer engagement and a new relationship with utilities that goes well beyond bill payments. 


With wider adoption and deeper energy engagement, Powerlync will push the impact of utility programs at a substantially lower cost, delivering benefits across the utility. Through Powerlync, both customers and call centers will have access to real-time energy management tools and insights to reduce bill related issues.  With just-in-time advanced rate advice, utilities can shift demand while helping customers save more. And, by adding electric vehicles (EV) and distributed energy resources (DER) to the energy management experience, Powerlync will help utilities create a cleaner energy future.    

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