The Bridge to a Smarter Home

Every home needs energy. Every smart home needs energy management. Fusing home energy management with home automation, Powerley has created a smarter home.

The Energy-Driven Smart Home

We're building an entirely new smart home experience. Manage your home and your energy. Now, all of your smart devices can create a personalized experience enriched with energy insight.

We've created a connection no one else has. Through Powerley, you have a real-time window into energy usage for your home and for every connected appliance and device within it.

Platform Features

Bridge the smart grid and the smart home with an intuitive home energy management platform.
Real-time Visualization
Real-time information is more impactful when provided with context. Powerley's 24-hour Energy Clock combines real-time energy usage with historical information and appliance-level disaggregation to provide users greater insight over traditional energy efficiency programs.
Engagement Engine
Most home energy management solutions struggle to retain users due to delayed feedback and communication. Powerley’s engagement engine is based on industry-best psychological research and delivers high retention rates through timely rewards and gamification features.
Intelligent Energy Coach
Current solutions do not provide a consistently effective way to deliver energy savings in the home. The Energy Coach synthesizes behavior patterns, historical data, weather forecasts and more to provide personalized energy saving tips and insights to homeowners.
Home Control & Automation
Consumers today have multiple home automation solutions which is inefficient and cumbersome. The Powerley Energy Bridge simplifies this complexity by connecting all devices in the home and creates a seamless solution in one user-friendly app.
Appliance Health Monitoring
Proactive identification of appliance failure saves money and prevents disruption. Appliance Health Monitoring tracks and analyzes the energy patterns of appliances in the home to promptly alert users of problems and provide actionable tips, solutions, and incentives to address them.
Advanced Demand Response
Reimagine demand response as a streamlined and collaborative system. Powerley's Platform enables event participation through simple opt-in features and customizable preferences for automatic and intelligent peak load shed of connected appliances.

Powerley was created based on the success of the award-winning DTE insight app.

“Our purpose for creating Powerley was to deliver a rapidly-deployable and scalable solution to other energy companies that leverages the findings generated from the DTE Insight app.”

Dave Meador

Vice Chairman and Chief Administrative Officer, DTE Energy

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