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Smart Home

Powering a Smarter Home

The Wait is Over: A Purposeful Smart Home is Here

A personalized coaching engine known as the Smart Action Use Case Engine is being adopted by utilities - driving greater adoption of smart home products by creating practical application and value.
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Utilities hold the key to unlocking the real value of the smart home

Utilities own the missing piece of the smart home puzzle — real-time, whole-home energy data.
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How to Build an Energy Saving Smart Home

When evaluating the energy efficiency of a smart home one must first ask, “What is a smart home?”
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Tapping into the Demand Response Potential of the Smart Home

The smart home presents an amazing opportunity for energy providers to tap into this organically-created network to expand grid assets for demand management.
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The Energy-Driven Smart Home is Here

DTE Energy and Powerley partner to push past the meter — taking energy management to the next level by tapping the home to deliver deeper intelligence.
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The Energy-Driven Smart Home Has Arrived

One utility’s evolution in response to market trends, shows that it’s not if utilities will change, but when.
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Bridging the Smart Grid to the Smart Home

There are many challenges facing smart home systems including lack of integrated ecosystem and a value proposition.
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App could turn phone into remote control for your home

The upgraded Insight app allows DTE customers to not just monitor their power use but also plug in thermostats and other smart appliances and devices.
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