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Myth Buster: Can a Thermostat Setback Save on AC Costs?

Discover the best way to save money on energy this summer. The Data Science team analyzed two AC thermostat setting hypotheses to find out which delivers the most savings.
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Myth Buster: Do Christmas lights use a lot of electricity?

Monitoring the lights electrical usage, we determine how much energy each string of lights uses and the associated electrical cost.
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Myth Buster: Using a Thermostat Setback for Energy Savings

Winter is here, and we all want to keep those heating bills in check. But there's a debate on whether adjusting your thermostat for a setback actually saves you money. We've got the facts! Our in-depth analysis proves the savings.
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Myth Buster: Always-On Devices and Your Dollars

MYTH 1 Keeping devices plugged in doesn’t use a significant amount of electricity. MYTH 2 Always-on appliances and devices don’t make a difference to your electric bill. Like many others, in recent
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