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Powerley Announces Groundbreaking 5-Year Agreement with BC Hydro

August 14, 2023

Powerley Announces Long-Term Agreement with BC Hydro, Bringing Advanced Home Energy Management to All British Columbia Homeowners

This landmark partnership is the first contract of its kind in the region.

DETROIT, MICHIGAN – August 15, 2023 – Powerley is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking 5-year agreement with BC Hydro, one of Canada’s largest electric utilities. The collaboration between Powerley and BC Hydro began with a successful pilot program, which demonstrated the tremendous potential of leveraging technology to empower customers in managing their energy usage. Building on the success of the pilot, BC Hydro has chosen Powerley as its trusted partner to roll out a robust suite of energy management solutions across its electric residential customer base.

BC Hydro serves approximately 1.9 million residential customers and over five million people; and the company is dedicated to powering a cleaner, more sustainable future for all British Columbians. Earlier this year the company announced a five-year strategy, which included plans to increase use of technology and data, reduce carbon footprint, and control costs. Powerley provides advanced solutions that enable BC Hydro to reach these goals along with industry-leading transparency to help customers save energy and money.

“I am thrilled to continue our partnership with BC Hydro because, above all, it enables us to give their customers an amazing tool to help them manage their energy usage,” expressed Paul Wezner, chief product and customer officer at Powerley. “This innovative platform empowers customers to take full control of their energy usage. By providing real-time insights into their energy consumption and costs and combining it with connected device control of all the key loads in the home, it gives them the knowledge to make informed decisions about how to best manage their energy. This level of control directly translates into tangible savings on their electric bills.”

The Powerley platform drives significant energy savings, demand reduction, customer engagement, and a more sustainable and reliable energy grid. The Powerley mobile application, branded as HydroHome, will be available to all BC Hydro customers for free. Customers can enhance their energy management experience by purchasing a low cost plug-and-play hardware device that suits their preferences, either the Energy Bridge Hub or Powerlync Plug™ to gain access to real-time energy data, device control and advanced insights and usage optimization.

“We are truly honored that BC Hydro has entrusted us with advancing their energy efficiency programs,” said Rahul Prakash, chief executive officer of Powerley. “Powerley’s cutting-edge app functionality will encourage BC Hydro customers to participate in demand response programs and embrace distributed energy resources, like solar power and electric vehicles. By seamlessly visualizing the impact of these changes on their energy usage, we empower customers to establish a relationship with their energy consumption.”

About Powerley

Powerley designs, develops, and delivers custom-labeled DIY Home Energy Management solutions. Powerley’s product offering includes hardware, software, and UX that works together to empower households to control their energy utilization, waste, and carbon footprints through web and mobile applications. Working in partnership with utility companies, Powerley is helping them modernize their digital customer engagement and provide utilities with a tool to accelerate the transition to clean energy.

Powerley has created a SaaS business centered around home energy management by combining its features, ease-of-use, and user experience.

About BC Hydro

BC Hydro is a provincial Crown corporation, owned by the government and people of British Columbia, Canada. BC Hydro generates and delivers electricity to 95% of the population of B.C. and serves over five million people.


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